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Hanker education wishes to promote wide spectrum of educational and career building opportunities for post schooling students across the country. Our aim is to provide timely and unbiased information to the young students and assist them to achieve their academic dreams, to make a right career choice and build the future for themselves.

Counselling for College admissions

The process of deciding ‘which college’ is undoubtedly a crucial decision as it has to match with your unique needs and preference. Admission counselling is the first and most important step acts as a catalyst to realize the ability for self assessment,identifying your needs, abilities, interests and choosing wisely.

Educational Counselling

We help students to decide which educational option he/she would opt to attain the desired career path. In the clutter of numerous career options, we assist students in making sensible educational decisions be it subject selection or stream which plays a vital role in the career planning process of students.

Career Planning & Motivation

There are a number of factors that influence our career development, including our interests, abilities, values, personality, family background, and our circumstances. We aim to help you to know, understand, foresee yourself and the world of your education/work ,in order to make a career and life decisions for yourself.

Counselling for Parents

We collaborate with parents in a bid to add on to their knowledge about outer world of enormous opportunities through right information and awareness. This motivates them to support their wards during decision making process.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We help desirable students identify financial assistance and scholarships from colleges , non profit institutes and individual to excel in their educational goals. ** This options is at sole discretion of the Hanker Education.

Career events and workshops

We conduct various workshops on higher education and career planning on quarterly, bi-yearly and annual (depending on the needs) at schools for Xth and XIIth standard students free of cost.

 Who we are?

Who we are?

Hanker Education & counselling is a forum of professional counselors providing students an effective interface to their educational and career goals. We are committed to help them draw up a future map for career building destination. We assist students to develop skills for time & stress management, ability to handle failures and rejections, networking and other such vital skills. We focus on identifying and dealing with personal, behavioral, social and scholastic problems that affect student’s confidence followed by achievement. This helps them to come out more decisive, mentally strong and mature to handle situations affecting their educational/career life.

Our Team

Our team is equipped to identify unique needs of each students. We have a perfect ‘one stop experts’ to assist you to identify your full potential and make a right choice of education to realize your dream.
Bishubha Bhattacharyya
Bishubha Bhattacharyya
Founder & Director
Hansraj Dutta
Hansraj Dutta

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