Passion – the hidden truth of life!


When it comes about you and your needs or dreams, choices to make for your life; you need to draw your goals. No one get’s  through their life without a piece of advise(practical/superficial). We are always surrounded with a lot of them!

What makes you & me different from others is how and what we pick from those information floated around. That’s where our choices matters. It’s probably very frustrating to be told to follow a passion. Yes, Sure why not- but only if you know what your Passion is. Dictionary says, Passion is a strong feeling for doing something. So, it holds a power that drives our will and we move on. Even though you may not have a clear vision for your passion, you probably are curious about few things or ideas which may or may not be obvious to you. It’s important to follow your curiosity and discover your less obvious interests. A classic example is Founder of Apple computers, Mr. Steve Jobs’ curiosity for typefaces which led him to attend a class on typography and to develop his design sensibility. Later, this sensibility became an essential part of Apple’s core differentiator in the marketplace. So, lets believe that Passion is findable. May be landscape of out life experiences can tell us something, those life experiences that truly mattered. May be a list of those thoughtful or rewarding moments can help you to identify your keenness. That particular moment/act with whom you feel you are more inclined to.

Many people feel comfortable with being cozy in their risk free zone rather than enjoying the freedom beyond stereotypes. With each step towards the unknown(which scares you enough), but your determination never stops you to leave is what you call passion. Be assured once you find it.

Now, if you want to continue with this for fun, you may, but, if you want to make a career out of your passion you have to be really practical. As you have to uncover all sorts of conditioning to make it happen. Reassure yourself if you are sailing in the right direction to get desired outcome. That’s possible only if you are connected with your identified passion mentally, physically & emotionally. It begins with what it is you value the most and what appeals more to you than anything else. A true passion offers immense resilience under pressure and you shine more once you overcome all odds.

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